Friday, 28 December 2012


If you're reading this then you'll have heard our sad news that Sam Walker is no longer playing bass for IMPALED EXISTENCE, again we wish him the best of luck for the future and we will all be remaining the closest of friends.

That being said, we must look forward and we are excited to announce the search for our new bassist will start NOW! We want to make the application process as easy, and hopefully as fun as possible.

We need someone who is hard-working, ideally in employment and someone who can drive within the North Wales / Chester area. We are at a stage where we are piecing together our first full-length album, so there is a lot of technical material ready to learn and rehearse, safe to say we need someone who will be extremely committed to the band and putting in the hours to catch up with the progress the 4 of us have made. Ideally we will be looking for someone who shares the same musical influences as the rest of us and someone who is going to leave it all out there on stage. 

So here's how to apply -

Below you will see a .RAR/ZIP file containing the Guitar Pro file for our track 'Your Legacy, Lost' , for non-GP users we have included a PDF of the music sheet for the track and a MIDI version of the track so you know the structures etc. You will also find a Word Document with some of the basics we need to know about you as well.

We are looking for you to put a video together, nothing fancy, of you playing along to the track, in it's GP or MIDI form, if this is not possible we will accept audio applicants as well. Basically find a way to get something over to us of you playing the track. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, feel free to mark them as unlisted and provide us with a link, audio can be uploaded to SoundCloud, or again, YouTube etc. Please also fill out the word doc so we know some of your basics as well.

This info can then be sent to us directly through to the Facebook Inbox (Please send all direct messages to

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us on FB.

And for a potential better reference point, here is 'Your Legacy, Lost' filmed by a fan from Download 2012 -

There are other uploads of the track on YouTube also.

We haven't set a time limit on this So happy bassing and hopefully we will be speaking to you soon!

Best of luck,

Danny, Mike, Craig, Nathan


Ok, so a few of you have been asking when and where we practice each week so it's probably worth putting here just in case anyone else is wondering the same. 

We practice Monday evenings in Bagillt, near Holywell / Flint. 

Hope that helps!



To move forward with the search we have decided to hold an opening evening at our practice hall in Bagillt, Near Holywell/Flint in North Wales on Saturday March 16th! If you are interested in coming down to try out PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP as we will be allotting times to everyone coming down so you're all not there at once! 

Ideally we'll be wanting you to jam through our song 'YOUR LEGACY, LOST' all details of which can be found in the blog above. Please also check the blog out for further information on what we are looking for etc. 

Hope to hear from you soon!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Good Morning World!

So now we are well and truly back to reality after The DestrUKtion Tour! A good time to reflect...

The first show was London Club 24, which means a ballache of a drive and west cake London drivers. We made it to the venue in good time for sound checks! Everyone was really cool and we were looking forward to kicking the tour off in style!

The show turned out to be a relatively quiet one, but it was good to chill and get into our groove! After the gig we were lucky enough to stay at one of Nathan's buddies houses, and it was a swish bad! Also the birth and death place of #sleepingbagairbed. Don't ask.

The next show was Bogiez in Cardiff, after FINALLY getting out of London we made good time getting back to the homeland. Bogiez is a nice little venue and the sound check was a beast so we were pumped! Before we played a band called Ten Cent Toy played, these guys were awesome and friendly dudes. Shout out to Pit Worker and his Lion outfit! Our set seemed to go down well and everybody had a good time! After the show it was party time, which we did. 4 minging kebabs later we slept in Danny's car, only...we barely slept. But hey ho! We were buzzing for the next day...

...For the next day was the home town show in at Wrexham Central Station!!! The shows at Central are always sick and we were playing alongside our buddies Severenth, A Hymn For The Fallen & newcomers In Depths. Everyone put on a hell of a show and the crowd went sick.

After the Wrexham show it was time for us all to go home and shower....we had a day off and then it was back out on the road!

We couldn't wait to get back out again, even if it did mean a drive to Glasgow! When we walked into The Vale we didn't know what to expect...unless the Glasgow scene is full of old men....luckily the actual venue was upstairs , there would be no hearing aids broken on our watch. All the bands we played with were cool as fuck, special shout out to the guys in Cemtex we were absolutely devastating and also cool enough to put us up for the night!

The drive the next day to Birmingham was special for two reasons. It was the birth of BILLEH! And we found out our first music video for 'If Error Were True' had been exclusively released through Terrorizer!

The Birmingham show at Scruffy Murphies was one of the quieter ones but we got our groove on none the less and enjoyed a few beers with Danny's old man!

Next it was off to Oxford, we had a day off before the gig at the O2 Academy so we thought it only right to go absolutely sick at the Travel Lodge. We stocked up on beers, spirits and all necessary ingredients to make alien brain hemorrhages. #nom. Safe to say it was a messy night.

So it was the day of the O2 show and we couldn't wait. With over 150 pre-sold tickets we knew it was going to be a busy one. And boy was it busy! Massive shout out to Geezer for the awesome mix he did for us and props to A Trust Unclean, ridiculous Deathcore band from Oxford. Time for more beers!

The final date of the tour meant a trip even further South to Brighton. What can we say about Brighton? It's fucking westville, within 10 minutes of being there we had seen a random women trying to eat her own face, Sharkboy, a man sounding like a bird and a guy trying to sell us chillis. WEST! After all that we had no idea what to expect from The Green Door Stoor. But it turned out to be a killer show. A perfect end to the tour.

After the long drive back and a month to reflect we can safely say that we had the best time of our lives, the shows, the banta, the KFCs. It was all amazing.

We'd quite like to tour again please?


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Good afternoon one and all!

Ok....firstly all attempts to keep up to date with this weekly blog died a slow and agonising death. So the term “IMEX WEEKLY BLOG” is now a completely ironic term, the blog will be updated...for lack of a better term, when we can be arsed :D

Right then, onto this blogging shenanigans.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's 2012 and we could NOT be more excited for this year if we tried, last year was so amazing for us, playing Bloodstock, winning the Metal Hammer competition to open up for Evile in Nottingham, supporting Xerath and Annotations Of An Autopsy just to name a few highlights! The biggest highlight though has to be the release of our E.P 'THESE LIFELESS PLAINS' – it took us a while to finally release the bastard but the grind has been totally worth it, the feedback has been fantastic. Our primary goal for the first half of 2012 is to tour the hell out of TLP and hopefully shift a few copies in the meantime! So if you know your local promoter get in-touch with them or give us their name so we can spam them until they give a gig! OPERATION 'BUSYFUCKERS' COMMENCE!

Our goal for the second half of the year is already well under way and has been for a good while now. Our first full-length album! We have about 90% of the material written so far, and we couldn't be happier with the results. If you've caught us at a live show recently you will have hopefully heard our 2 new songs 'Your Legacy, Lost' and 'The Forgotten Deceiver'. These tracks give you a taster of the direction we're moving in, heavier, more progressive and more brutal whilst keeping the IMEX sound at the core! Your feedback on the new songs would be awesome, holla at us at shows or on FB!

In the next month or so we are aiming to record our first music video! [Whoop!] This will be for the track WORTHY OF REMAINS off the new E.P. More on this when we have it, keep checking the FB for updates!

Speaking of videos, during our Bloodstock set last year our track THROUGH STINGING EYES was filmed by professional filming company 'THE DARK BOX' [] You'll have seen us spamming walls with the YouTube video, but if you haven't seen it...

Our first gig of 2012 was at De Bees in Winsford, with our good buddies THIS IS TURIN [] and Hymn For The Fallen [] The night was a huge success, with many heads packing into the venue to support local metal, was awesome to see. HFTF delivered their crunching deathcore sound and TIT were as tight as ever, can't wait for your album boys! Sortit aaarrrrrrt!

Future shows are looking like this -

Feb 4th – Salford w/Candid Iniquity & Infernal Creation
Feb 25th – Ellesmere Port w/Last Baron
March 11th – Stoke-On-Trent w/Wolfcrusher

However, WE WANT MORE SHOWS! Keep your eyes peeled to the FB for new show announcements etc.

Well that just about does it, thanks for taking the time to read this week's blog and hopefully we'll be a bit more frequent with them in the future! NEXT TIME we should have more news about the video and we will be revealing a little more about the album!

Muchos Love, The Boys From IMEX.